Virtual Dosa Love Food Cart Program

Wish Dosa Love could just park its cart in the parking lot so your staff can enjoy something a little different? With COVID19, we have to make some changes and we decided to find a new way to offer you and your team an opportunity to enjoy delicious lunch options.

We present the Virtual Food Cart!

While the Food Cart is not available we can still deliver right to your office.

Pick from Two Easy Options!

Employee Paid Individual Meals

Each staff member pays securely through PayPal when they place their order.

Each staff member gets individually packaged lunch.

Company Paid Individual Meals

We charge the company for all the individual orders.

Each staff member gets individually packaged lunch. That consists of one meal and tasty sweet.

How does it work?

  1. Fill out the form and select the date and time for delivery to the office.
  2. We create an email and a link for you to share with your employees to their exclusive menu.
  3. Dosa Love delivers the food to the office at the prescribed time for all involved to enjoy.

What’s on the Menu?

Need a few more reasons?

  • Vegan & Vegitarian Options!
  • Support a Local Small Business!
  • No Service Charge!
  • No Delivery Fee!
  • Just Yummy food for your Team that made with Love!

Get Started !

As a small business, we have prepared a few terms and conditions that we ask you to agree to before taking this service. At Dosa Love, our goal is to keep things simple.

Date & Time Availability: While we already block dates and times from this form to ensure a seamless experience. Dosa Love reserves the right to decline the requested date for unforeseen reasons that may require us to offer alternate dates and times.

Refunds: All orders are final with no refunds unless the service is canceled as outlined below.

Deposit: There is no deposit required.

Cancellation: You must provide 48 hours prior to the delivery time selected in this form.

Cancellation Fee: We reserve the option to charge a cancelation fee. This fee will not exceed the cost to Dosa Love for credit card processing transactions related to refunds to either your staff or your company. No fee will be charged if no order has be placed.