Our Story

We met in upstate NY on a coffee date and soon realized that we were meant to be together. On our first few dates of hanging out and trying to know each other more, food was an integral part of the date. Michael would cook these delectable meals at home of Pad Thai, Risotto, Pasta, mac-n-cheese, pork shoulders, lamb shanks and good steak with Michael’s signature mashed potatoes. I would complement such dinners with my Indian cooking of dosas and puris and chicken curries over the weekend. Soon we were that couple who spent all their leisure time in the kitchen making some delicious food and feeding friends and family.

We have 4 kids between the 2 of us making us one of the quintessential blended families around. We come from 2 completely different backgrounds and cultures but blend in our joy of cooking and feeding people.

Dosa Love is just an expression and platform for us to share that love and joy and unity we find in our kitchen by preparing various different types of food in our unique blended ways. Each of these dishes that we have listed in our catering menu or as part of the cart has a story behind it – a quick evening experiment with spices that turned out to be delicious or a thought out planned dish that had to be re-done a few times before it hit the right cord. Kitchen is where we met as a family cooking together as we caught up on our day’s highlights and shared the stories – from work, from school or what we had heard on the radio as we drove around for soccer drop offs n pick-ups. It has been our dream for the past few years to not only cook for our loved ones – families and friends but to extend this love for food to everyone around us. In the past several years we have been doing the International Festival or a fund raising event or a quick wedding but now with this catering business finally open, we hope to touch many hearts around the community and in the greater Burlington area with our food – a dash of love and a sprinkle of that unique flavor – from Dosa Love.

I hope you enjoy our food in every bite.